Guaranteeing Concealed Carry Reciprocity for All Americans

The natural right to self-defense – codified in the Constitution’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms – is fundamental to a free people. This right must include the ability of individuals to protect themselves by carrying concealed across the country, regardless of where they are traveling to or through. There is currently a patchwork of laws across the nation providing differing levels of concealed carry permitting - but there needs to be uniform protection of this central right throughout the nation.

Policy Paper The Case for Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Writing in the Millennial Policy Center’s latest policy paper, scholars Elizabeth Bhappu Kudla, Esq., Meaghan Croghan, Joseph Greenlee, Esq.,, Max McGuire, and President Jimmy Sengenberger lay out the rational and legal case for federal legislation establishing concealed carry reciprocity among all the 50 states.

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