Redesigning the Tax Code

The tax code - now nearly 75,000 pages long, including all the guidelines - is onerous, complex, time-consuming, and costly. Moreover, taxes today are especially burdensome on small businesses as well as families. We need a tax code that is: simple, lowers the burden and broadens the base, offers a low rate and neutral treatment, eliminates double taxation, limits government, and implements a territorial tax structure. We need to redesign the tax code.

Policy Paper Redesigning the Tax Code

Writing in the Millennial Policy Center’s latest major policy paper focused on reforming our nation’s tax code, scholars Elizabeth Bhappu Kudla, Esq., Alvaro Day, and Jimmy Sengenberger contend that the current tax code harms Millennials and Americans of all stripes - and it must be simplified and dramatically redesigned for a new generation. The authors posit that Members of Congress should reevaluate their proposals and present real, lasting tax reform.

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